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About Us

During his early days, Taisuke grew up spending a lot of time at his parent’s acupuncture clinic watching firsthand, faces of sickened and aching patients turning into a joyful one. Heartfelt interaction between patients and his parents was nothing out of the ordinary. A descendant of Chinese medicine practitioner dating back to several generations, healing the body naturally and holistically was the conventional healthcare for him. As a highschool student, he frequently pondered the segregation between natural healing and orthodox medicine and wrote an essay “Unification of the Western and Eastern medicine.”

His nature as an inquisitive researcher while studying biological science at University of California, Irvine, proceeded during his education at Southern California University of Health Science (formerly known as Los Angeles College of Chiropractic) and continued post-graduate. Attending professional seminars over the weekend and reading reference books during his vacation is his idea of past time. His thirst for acquiring knowledge pertaining to optimizing health, remains unquenched to this day.

A licensed Chiropractor in the state of California and Hawaii, he is also a Diplomate of the International Board of Applied Kinesiology and is one of the Board Certified Teachers. He emphasizes the importance of balancing the chemical, physical and mental nature of the human body. As a holistic practitioner, because of his eclectic approach, he has been able to help symptoms where Western medicine often finds identifying the source of problem difficult and providing relief a challenge. At times, patient who has been disappointed with their conventional doctors, comes referred from a health food store with bag full of supplements. Others come in looking for care to complement the treatment they are currently receiving from their hospital.

As a sports doctor, he has had the pleasure of treating Major League baseball players from Anaheim Angels, Los Angeles Dodgers, Seattle Mariners; mixed martial artists taking part in such events as Ultimate Fighting Championship, Pride Fighting and K-1; world record holding cyclists; and race car drivers participating in Indy 500. He has worked with professional golfers competing in PGA tours and has travelled with them during major tournaments, optimizing and conditioning their body before and after events to give them an edge against other players.

Firmly believing in “心身一如”(pronounced Shin shin itchy nyo which translates to “Intergration of Mind and Body”), Taisuke’s passion is to help his patient understand the signs and symptoms conveyed by their body, thereby allowing the innate healing ability possessed by all living being to engage and to work in harmony with the conscious mind.

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