Holistic treatment balancing the mental, physical and chemical - Functional Medicine

Triad of Health

The Triad of  Health represents the balance of three major health areas—Structural, Chemical, and Mental—as a foundation of one’s health.  An imbalance in any one or more of these areas leads to health challenges.  Our goal is to help you identify underlying causes of your health challenges by evaluating all three areas, and to create a customized treatment plan to help you achieve your optimal well-being.



Structural imbalance from our daily activities creates health problems in many ways, especially through interference with normal nerve function.  Sitting in front of one’s computer all day, for example, causes a weakening and an imbalance of muscle structure, which in turn affects the body’s structural equilibrium.  Frequent exercises, too, if done improperly, are a cause of a structural stress.  Sometimes an injury occurs from lifting or from something as simple as tripping while walking.  A simple structural problem, if left unaddressed, can cause additional distortions and functional problems.



“We are what we eat.”

It is imperative that we nourish our body with necessary nutrients, while, avoiding contaminants into our system.  Pollution, preservatives in foods, artificial “food” products, and drugs put a tremendous strain on the organs and glands of our bodies.  Moreover, many suffer from some type of nutritional deficiency and biochemical imbalance due to changed dietary habits and prevalence of refined food products with “empty calories.”  Our customized treatment plan includes a necessary nutritional recommendation.



Mind/brain controls the function of all organs. Via the autonomic nervous system, a mentally stressed body can induce a neurological response to the heart causing an elevated blood pressure; it can also affect the gastrointestinal system causing diarrhea and constipation. Mental imbalance can also be attributed to hormonal and biochemical imbalance.


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