Holistic treatment balancing the mental, physical and chemical - Functional Medicine

Client Testimonials

I searched for months to find answers to my health issues.  The health practitioners I saw prescribed me remedies that didn’t get to the root cause of my issues and or reverse my symptoms.  Dr. Jo was the one who cracked the code, and now I’m recovering.  He was the first doctor to insist I get blood tests which revealed Vitamin D, Zinc and thyroid deficiencies.  Dr. Jo is a rare mix of science and intuition.  He uses a holistic toolbox of modalities to treat his patients, but starts with the hard facts of science.  He also uses the purest and most trusted nutritional supplements on the market today.  I’m so grateful for his care.  If you’ve found Dr. Jo, you’re surely on your way to being healthy and vibrant.
- Jara Fairchild, Publicist and Producer

Dr. Jo assists you in aligning, tuning-up your body mind and heart. I highly recommend his treatment protocol.
- Jerry M. Rosenberg, MD, Preventive Cardiologist, Santa Monica, CA

Dr. Jo is very knowledgeable.  I trust him and his advice on physical training and nutrition.  Since he truly studies various subjects from physical training and nutrition, I trust the doctor and accurately practice as he advises.  As a result I am physically and mentally stable and capable of concentrating on playing golf on the green.
- Shigeki Maruyama, Professional Golfer, 3 time PGA Tour Champion

I originally came to see Dr. Jo in 2008 for severe anxiety disorder, something that I had been suffering from since I was eleven years old.  In the past I tried pharmaceutical medication to help with my panic attacks.  They did help, but only for a small period of time.  The side effects of the medication were awful and made me feel pretty numb to the world, so I stopped taking them.  Of course my panic attacks came back with a vengeance, but this time, I wanted to find an alternative method of help.  I was referred to Dr. Jo, and I can say that he has helped me more than I had ever thought possible.  Instead of putting a band-aid over the symptoms, he actually helped to discover the root of the problem and work from there.  With the success of practically negating my anxiety, I now see him for my general health and wellbeing.  He is so kind, patient, extremely thorough and knowledgeable, that I have recommended him to all the people in my life that I love, who may need someone to guide them to wellness.  Honestly, words cannot express how incredibly grateful I am to Dr. Jo.  He is not only an incredible Doctor, but he is an amazing person, who really does care about his patients.
- F. Tosti, Los Angeles, CA

I first saw Dr. Jo for back pain that lingered a year after an auto accident.  In a single visit he corrected the problem pemanently.  But not long after moving to LA, I became plagued with unusual terrible breakouts on my back.  For a couple years I saw dermatologists who could offer no remedy that produced results and, more significantly, that didn’t involve heavy drugs or antibiotics with their own unpleasant side effects.  I wish I had returned to Dr. Jo sooner.  His treatment got rid of the skin problems completely, as well as improving my general well-being.  I now plan to see him regularly for any and all health issues I may have.
- Sean M., Los Angeles, CA

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